About Sir John Craster

The Berthon Boat Company Ltd of Lymington built
Sir John Craster
in 1972/73 for the Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee. The boat was brought into service in 1973 and served as patrol vessel in the North Sea - from the Scottish Borders to the Tyne - during the “Cod Wars” and beyond until 1992 when a new vessel replaced her.

Sir John Craster was named after a former Chairman of the Northumberland SFC. Sir John was a Northumbrian landowner who lived at Craster Tower, Craster being a small Northumbrian fishing harbour and the home of Craster kippers. He was a member of the Committee for 40 years and Chairman from 1939 to 1970. The naming ceremony was held on the 1st August 1973 at Seahouses and was conducted by Viscountess Ridley whose husband was Chairman of Northumberland County Council at the time.

The vessel has been under her present ownership since 1998 and has undergone substantial renovation and regular maintenance ever since. The level of navigation and safety equipment has increased significantly since her days in service, as have the galley and accommodation. Still powered by the original twin Rolls Royce Marine engines, the Irish Sea is a perfect environment for her and not unlike her North Sea origins.

Malcolm, her skipper, is a qualified Dive Master with some 25 years experience to call on and has been diving the wrecks and waters off Anglesey for 15 years.